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Flatbed-Plotter & Digital Design Specialist

Our 18 foot long, 72 inch wide flatbed-plotter can mark, cut, notch, and handle just about any type and thickness of rolled materials and fabrics you can throw on top of it. We can take your designs (or help you create them) for vehicle/boat covers, car tints, window shades, pool covers, awnings, tents, furniture, garments, magnets, stickers, etc., and then make them to exact specification, ensuring quality control.

If you are a business looking to cut down on labor costs and material waste, increase your speed and precision in the manufacturing process, and work with people that value your time as much as their own, please feel free to reach out with any questions.

Consultation is absolutely free of obligation, and pricing will be negotiated on a per job basis.

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Demo Videos

Our state-of-the-art flatbed-plotter is sitting in wait to tackle your high-volume production needs. As you watched in the videos, this bad boy moves incredibly fast with pinpoint precision... Here are a few stills of the machine. Click to enlarge the pictures for clearer detail.

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